Here are some of the things that parents are saying about their children’s experiences playing with the orchestra:

“My children love being part of Major Minors. They are motivated to practice by playing with others. They love going to the rehearsals – it’s fun, and they always come home with a funny story! Michelle and her team are super helpful, encouraging and kind. “

“The music is of high quality, and varying genre. My children listen to a lot of pop music, so Major Minors is a great contrast, real hands-on encounter with classical music. And they love it! Playing with others, they see what section plays what, how the parts fit in together, and then get to be part of the final sound. “

“There is a mix of ages and skill levels playing together. My daughter gets so much out of it, musically and socially. It’s a very inclusive environment! It’s not competitive and everyone’s part is important. “

“The concert was such a highlight for my son. It was a fantastic opportunity for all the children to perform what they worked so hard on together, and to be applauded for it. The performance was very impressive and professional. “